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Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning Workbook

Our team of ACP Facilitators or Registered Staff Nurse will spend up to a maximum of 2 sessions with you and your loved ones in the comfort of your office to have an open discussion on your end-of-life wishes and record them in an easy-to-use ACP workbook.

Advance Medical Directive

Advance Medical Directive (AMD) is a legal document stating you do not want to receive extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to artificially prolong your life if you become terminally ill and unconscious, where death is imminent.

The AMD can be made by any person, aged 21 years and above, and is of sound mind. The AMD form must be completed and signed in the presence of two witnesses before it is returned to the Registrar of AMDs. The patient’s doctor must be one of the two witnesses, while the other witness must be at least 21 years old. In addition, both witnesses must not have any vested interests in the patient’s death.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Our team of lawyers, ACP Facilitators or Registered Staff Nurse will meet with you and your chosen donee(s), explain the purpose and the obligations under the LPA, and help you complete the LPA form before submitting it for registration with the Office of Public Guardian.