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About FortisWills Legacy Centre

FortisWills Legacy Centre Pte Ltd is a registered Social Enterprise Startup member with The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE Ltd and is a subsidiary of FortisWills Pte Ltd, which is the market leader in providing estate services in Singapore. Our goal is to educate and inform the public of the importance of Advance Care and Estate Planning so that they understand why having a Lasting Power of Attorney and making a Will is the responsible thing to do for your loved ones. 

Till date, only 43,000 people have done their LPA and less than 15% have done their Will in Singapore.  We have set up an office in CPF Jurong Building and will conduct free talks on a weekly basis in Chinese or English for anyone to attend. 

As a Social Enterprise, we work with various organisations to arrange more than 180 free talks every year and provide Advance Care and Estate Planning services to the community. Our estate planners are people with life experiences that can identify with the many difficulties of planning for your health and wealth issues. They are considerate and caring, mindful of the sensitive nature of your family dynamics to ensure that your choices and wishes are properly achieved.

We hope to assist as many families with dependents, elderly singles/orphans, permanent residents and foreigners with family, assets and businesses in Singapore to ensure that their loved ones are taken care off when they fall seriously ill or pass away. Planning for your own health and wealth issues will help to alleviate family conflicts and prevent financial burden in an unforeseen circumstance. 

Extension of Fee Waiver for LPA

The Office of Public Guardian have extended the fee waiver for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Form 1 applications to 31 Mar 2020.
Singaporeans can file LPA Form 1 applications for free, although they will still have to pay for professional fees when they engage medical practitioners or lawyers.